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Our Food


Our ever-changing menu is inspired by our travels, desires, diets, and what’s in season. We aren’t tied to one cuisine nor one location: we simply deliver delicious, fresh and fun ‘food of the world’ for you to enjoy. Check out our sample menus to get an idea of what we like to cook.

Korean beef short rib taco with Asian slaw, coriander and wasabi peas

Blue cheese wontons on rocket, pear and walnut salad with balsamic drizzle

Southern fried chicken, corn bread, chipotle mayo, pickled fennel

Lamb tagine, parsley preserved lemon cous cous and minted yoghurt

Vagabond fries

Snickers tart and cream

Pulled pork sliders with apple slaw and BBQ sauce

Lamb and bacon taco with pink onion slaw and jalapeno oregano sour cream

Chicken coriander dumplings with vegetable noodles and Asian broth

Beef, onion and Swiss cheese croquettes with chipotle mayonnaise

Grilled halloumi on buckwheat/quinoa, roast pumpkin and toasted seed salad with lemon parsley

Vagabond fries with aioli